Who is Parm?

Hi, my name is Christopher Ryan Parmelee aka "Parm."

Fancy a tale on the origin of the name?

In grade school, I stood back to back in line with two other boys named Chris. We lined up as Chris O, Chris P and Chris R.

One fateful day, my teacher decided to call us by our last names. We became known as "O," "Parm" and "Rug."

Since that time, the nickname "Parm" has followed me through my life. Sure, the Parmesan cheese references were all too easy, but I fell in love with the self-brand "Parm." In one form it has evolved into the Parmzilla brand.

Here is my contact info:
5658 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94618

You may view my resume here. You may view my portfolio here.

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